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on 10.03.2020 15:54

Every student from the partners’ schools could  participate in the contest at will.  Every student made handicraft from the different material. The handicrafts could be made with different methods - sewn, glued, braided, knitted, folded etc. and should refer to Easter.

Easter decorations you can use for Easter time at your school.

Each school choosed 5  the best works  according to the following criteria:

- Creativity

- Diligence

- Relevance to the theme of the contest

Authors of the best works took handicrafts’ photos with camera or mobile phone at different views- above, frontal, lateral

Photos of the selected handicrafts put into project home page.

All contestants receive certificates of the participation and prizes.


Deadline 6.04.2020.

Photos of the selected handicrafts send to emails