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Croched bowl

 1. You need a crocheted cloth, wallpaper paste, vaseline and a bowl.

 2. Grease the bowl with Vaseline.

 3. Dampen the cloth with wallpaper paste.

 4. Place the tablecloth over the bowl.

 5. Let it dry overnight

Keychain from Sweden

 1.  You need a cork, a rope and a drill

 2.  Drill holes in the cork

 3.  Thread the rope through the cork

 4.  Wood in the keychain

 5.  Tie together afterwards

LP-bowl from Sweden

1.  You need an LP- record, a bowl, owen on 150 degrees.

2.  Place the LP- record on the bowl.

3.  Put in the owen at 150 degrees a few minutes.

4.  Take out and shape your bowl.

Ribbon bracelet from Latvia

  • Ribbon  2,5cm* 130cm
  • Ribbon  1,3cm* 130cm
  • Beads  (diameter 1cm)- 9 pcs
  • Thread, sewing needle, scissors
  • Place ribbons together
  • Tie ribbons into a knot ~25cm from the end
  • Basting stitch/ Running stitch
  • Sew with running stitch, distance between points12mm. Also sew beads.
  • When everything is sewed, tighten and strenghten the thread.
  • Tie the other end into a knot.

Brooch with reflecting elements

1. Ribbon 2*8cm- 5 pcs.
Ribbon 0.5*7cm- 5pcs.
Felt cloth circle- diameter 5-6cm -1pc
Felt cloth circle- diameter 4cm- 2pcs
Button or carton- diameter 2-3cm -1pc
Brooch's clasp/snap- 1pc
*Element with reflecting features -1pc.
Thread, sewing needle, scissors
2. Backstitch

Funny spiders from Germany


·        chestnuts,  pipe cleaner,  little pearls,  wobbly eyes,   hand drill, wool, cardboard

use the hand drill to screw about 1 cm of the extinguisher into the chestnut (4 right, 4 left)

put the pipe cleaner in the extinguisher

Stick any number of beads on the pipe cleaners

glue on wobbly eyes

·        put the spider web with wool on a cardboard and the

spiders sit on it

All  with Cones from Germany

The owl

Christmas Candle Holder from Romania

·        ice cream sticks

·        silicone gun

·        a small pliers

·        colored thread reels

·        twine or thick thread

·        scissors

Glue the ice cream sticks with the silicone gun forming a square.

·        On each side of the square we wrap colored thread, forming different patterns.

·        To be able to easily wrap the thread, we glue the end with silicone.On the back of one side glue the colored string forming an arc to be able to hang the frame.

·        Glue the pliers on one side of the frame.

Grab the photo by the pliers.

Christmas Candle Holder from Romania

·        a glass

·        a candle

·        string

·        soldering gun

·        paint brush

·        white paint

·        scissors

·        various ornaments (lace, linen cloth, stickers, white and red tassels)

 Paint the glass with white paint on the outside.

Glue the decorative tape in the middle of the glass.

Tie string in the form of ribbons then glue the stars.

Apply the other ornaments and insert the candle into the glass.

Marble candles from Germany

Bucket of water
Drip 5 drops of marbling ink into it (the student may choose the colors)
Stir gently
Immerse the candles, turning them
Pull out the candles slowly
​Lay candles to dry


Bracelet from Germany

1. Cutting the AIDA fabric

2. embroider edge

3. Continue embroidering edge

5. Embroider AIDA fabric with pattern

6. Cut the inner part

7. closing thread

8. To strengthen wallet

Vase from Romania

1. 0,5 liter plastic bottle,  An old Compact Disk, Spray paint (different colours), Glue gun, Silicon stick, Scissors.

2. Cut the bottle in half.

​3. Paint the compact disk and the upper half of the bottle with the colored spray. Let it dry for about two to three hours.

4. Paste the upper half of the bottle on to the compact disk with the glue gun. Decorate it for your preferences!

The Traditional Romanian Doll

1. White mohair , red thread, blue thread, yellow thread, a piece of material from a traditional towel, a piece of cardboard, a piece of black material, needle, scissors.

​2. Wrap the white mohair on the cardboard.

​3.​  Binds the mohair to one end. Cut to the other end and remove the cardboard.

​4. Bind to form the dolls' head.

​5.  Bind the doll with the thread in the middle. To form legs male doll splits into two fiber bundle and bind with string.

​6. From the piece of towel material make the skirt of the female dolls and the male dolls blouse.

​7. The yellow thread binds the dolls' hair and sticks it.

​8. Sew the eyes and mouths of the dolls. Sew from the black material a cap for the male doll.

Description how too do a paper bag  step by step from Sweden

Take an A5 paper ex (newspaper)

Fold it as instructed (picture 2 + 3)

Add a strip of glue and press it together.

Fold the bottom as instruction (picture 5-8)

Add a strip of glue and press it together (9)

Fold this outer edges (10-11)

The paperbag is now ready

Hanger from Sweden

1.Take three old spoon

2.Pick a piece of wood for example from the beach.

3.Bend the spoons as you like.

4.Make a hole in the spoon with a drilling machine.

5.Screw the spoon on the piece of wood.

​6.Finished product

Folding pyramid making from Latvia

1.The student  have to choose from the materials a pre-cute, dried  billet. The student calculates the length of the workpiece. Then marks  and cuts  the ends of the billet’s  with a hand saw. Calculates the length –marking the dimensions of the turning parts  and including the workpiece to be cut. The students make  a round workpiece.

2.Students mark centers on the ends of the workpiece.  Measure the diameter of the workpiece’s end and divide by 2 by drawing a cross in the center of the workpiece’s end.

Keyring from Latvia

1. Flag ribbon width 3cm, length 24cm
Reflective ribbon width 3cm, length 24 cm. Satin ribbon width.1cm., length 24 cm. Keyring. Sewing needle. Sewing tread
Scissors. Ruler. Matches or lighter

2.Cut all ribbons 24cm long, process the ribbon ends with a match or a lighter. Mark the reflective ribbon ends 10 cm long in 4 parts.

3.Put all of the 3 ribbons together, put them through the keyring.

4.Machine stitch technique

5.Sew them all together.

​6.Cut the ends of the reflective ribbon.