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Online meeting in Latvia


2018-1-LV01- KA229-046984_3



Learning, teaching, training activities. Short –term exchanges of groups of students online.

 Online meeting, Latvia, 2021:


Presentation of the Latvian education system. Students with special needs education, integration into the community in Latvia. Competency education. Presentations of the Latvian culture, crafts, traditions. The project’s results dissemination- ECH passports, Europass mobility certificates and ECH Book presentation. Learning, teaching and training new alternative  methods, activities, approaches and art-therapeutically techniques.


Day1 7.06.2021.

Presentation of   our country, district and town (images and video).

Presentation of our school and the Latvian  special education system. Exchange of experience. Discussion.


Day2 8.06.2021.

Presentation: Latvian culture, crafts, traditions.

Workshop: Presentation of the key ring “Owl” making process and  making  key ring “Owl”  guided by teacher Sandra Ridus

Discussion and sending by each partner photos with the products made.


Day3 9.06.2021.

Presentation: Latvian culture, crafts, traditions.  Latvian characters, their meaning.

Workshop: Painting of cloth bags with Latvian characters guided by teacher Inta Finka.

Discussion and sending by each partner photos with the products made.


Day4 10.06.2021.

Presentation: Latvian national cuisine. Preparation of Bread soup.

Workshop: Preparation of Bread soup guided by teacher Kitija Uzare

Debate with participants about competency education. Discussion about project report, activities, results . The project’s results dissemination- ECH passports, Europass mobility certificates and ECH Book presentation guided by project coordinator Zinta Patricija Reinfelde


Online  visit in Romania, 15.02.-18.02.20121., Erasmus + project “European Craft house” 2018-1-LV01- KA229-046984_3


Online meeting of participants. Romanian presented their country, region, city (images and video),  Botosani school and  Romanian special education system. There was a discussion, exchange of experience.


 Romanian presented cultural  specific and traditional regional crafts. Participants from all countries- students and teachers took part in the workshop “Weaving a wicker basket” guided by a craftsman at Tourist Information Center Vorona, Botosani. There was a discussion, sending by each partner photos with the products made.


Romanian presented their spring customs and traditions. Participants took part in the workshop “Making trinket”. The project partners reported on what had been done. Project planning - visit to Latvia, next activities, results to be achieved.


Romanian presented their spring customs and traditions. Students and teachers participated in the workshop “ Decorating the Easter egg”. There was a discussion, sending by each partner photos with the products made. Issuance of certificates of participation.

Online  visit in Romania, 
Pictures from Sweden.

Visit in Sweden, European craft house, 190916-190920

We meet our friends from Latvia in Pinchos restaurant in Ängelholm.

We meet all our friends from our project, Germanie, Rumania and Latvia at Rönnegymnasiet. We informated about our school and showed around the school. All country group visited our programs in minor groups. We had lunch at school.
In the afternoon Pelle from ” Alla kan” ( Everybody can) showed us how to play basketboll in a weelchair. Josefin from Dansfabriken (dancing factory) had a dancelesson with us all. Everyone was participating in a very good way.
In the evening we went to our aktivitehall for people with disabilities.

We went to Rönne river for canoeing. We canoed 5 km out to the sea where we grilled our lunch. We tried fishing both fish and crabs, but no luck with that, unfortunerly. In the afternoon we canoed back and evning was free time for our guests in Ängelholm.

We meet all at Rönnegymnasiet. We made handicraft with ceramics (a cup to everyone) and woodstrips (stars to everyone).
We had lunch at school.
In the afternoon we went to Hembygdsparken and saw different swedish animals. We went to see different kinds of museums about Sweden and Ängelholm.
In the evning we had ”Closingparty” with traditional swedish food. Rockmusic with a band from Ängelholm. Certificate to all participants.

Erasmus+ project “European Craft House” visit in Germany

The countries -Latvia, Sweden and Romania , their teachers and students met for a week in Germany. (13.05.2019 to 17.05.2019)

Our guests slept in the Youth Hostel Windischleuba- a beautiful old castle.
On the first evening, we sat together at the campfire with music and bread.

So we could get to know each other a bit.
On Tuesday, we visited the company Voestalpine, a supplier of cars. After lunch in the support center, which the students cooked for us, we went to the mayor of the city of Schmoelln. At the Schmoellner market, everyone could eat ice cream. In the evening everyone was creative and creative at Lieve in Windischleuba.

On Wednesday, we went to Dresden, made a city tour and drove with a paddle steamer on the Elbe. In the evening, we ended the day with a disco.

On Thursday, we were able to do handicraft work on the Kräuterhof in Posterstein. We make delicious food with herbs and made a recipe book. Then we went to the swimming pool and in the evening, we celebrated our farewell at the Förderzentrum.

11.-15. MARCH

We started with an official welcome on Tuesday, at Ängelholm’s municipality. We went on a small town tour, and walked to Rönnegymnasiet, the upper secondary school with national programmes.

Our principal, Helene Carlsson, informed us about the Swedish school system and the Special Needs School for students with intellectual disabilities. After that our students made lunch for us all, Falukorv och potatismos (Falu sasuages with mashed potatoes), which is a traditional Swedish home cooked meal.

We went to a silver workshop in the afternoon, where we made rings in silver. We ended the day with a dinner at Hanna’s place, and afterward we took a windy walk to the small harbor and the “troll forest” in Vejbystrand.

On Wednesday we went to visit Jenny, who used to be one of our pupils. Today she works at a nursing home. We also visited work places for people with disabilities in the afternoon. We ended the day with a dinner we did together in our school kitchen. We had a three-course meal with Gubbröra, Wallenbergare and Äppelkaka.

On Thursday we went to Nyhemsskolan, the elementary school for children with intellectual disabilities, and Viktoriaskolan, the upper secondary school with individual programmes for pupils with intellectual disabilities. We ended the week with some project planning together. We also went to a certificate ceremony at a restaurant in Ängelholm, where we also participated in a shuffleboard competition. Everyone played really good!

​​28.-31. JANUARY

​The transnational meeting was held in Latvia, Berzupes special boarding primary school. 6 participants from 3 countries-  Rumania, Sweden, Germany have been visiting our school. All participants were teachers, who work with students with special needs.

On Tuesday we started our project meeting officially with a visit  to Dobele County Council. We met with it’s leadership – the mayor Mr Andrejs Spridzāns. Participants became acquainted about educational opportunities in Dobele and   the Educational system in Latvia as a whole. They shared their experiences with each other about approaches, learning strategies in educational work in their countries.

During the transnational meeting, project planning and coordination work took place - visits, courses, project activities, project tasks and results were planned. The coordinator meeting was intended to share updates regarding different aspects of the project, and to plan next activities. The group discussed about contents to be uploaded on the website. Guests got acquainted with the work of the Berzupes special boarding primary school.

Participants had to learn our Latvian environment- nature in winter, situation, also history. Participants attended Jaunpils castle and Jaunpils Craft house where all could see weaving with looms, different handicrafts and of course all saw our Latvian pride and heart – the capital Riga and learned Riga’s history through walking around Old Riga. Participants also  visited the Latvian National Museum of Art.

Through being together and doing different activities and participating in different events,  participants got new friends in different Europe countries. By jointly planning the project work, participants from different countries joined together in a single team.

All objectives of the transnational meeting were successfully fulfilled. The planned program was carried out. Everybody got a Certificate of visit in Latvia. Thanks to everybody!