Language: English

Our school
52 pupils learn at our school.
Students have disabilities in the areas of:
- Emotionally- social development
​- Watch
- Listen
- Physically. Motorical development
​Our school prepares all students well for their professional and social life. For this we work closely with companies from our region.

We do different projects and participate in sports competitions.

Stadtkirche- Citychurch

German official language; as regional language: Low German; as a minority language: Danish, North Frisian, Saterland Frisian, Sorbian, Roman
Capital Berlin
Seat of government Berlin, Bonn
State form parliamentary Federal Republic
Government system parliamentary democracyHead of State President
Frank-Walter Steinmeier
Prime Minister Chancellor
Angela Merkel
Area 357,578.17 [1] (62.) km²
Population 83,000,000 (December 31, 2018)
Population density 232 (37th) inhabitants per km²


Schmölln- city Schmölln
Größe- area
41,5 km²
Gesamteinwohner- population
​ca. 11.500 Einwohner

Spielplatz-play for kids