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Ängelholm is located in the south of Sweden. Ängelholm is a city by the sea and the river Rönneå runs through it. About 42000 people live in Ängelholm. Ängelholm is a 500 year old city. The municipality of Ängelholm is governed by bourgeois parties. There are some big companies and many small ones in the municipality. Many artists are located in Ängelholm, especially some working with ceramic. Ängelholm has a clay cuckoo, a special kind of ocarina, as a symbol. A popular sport in Ängelholm is hockey, where our team is named Rögle. Our soccer team is named ÄFF and our volleyball team is named EVS and it is Sweden’s best volleyball team. We have many dance clubs, one of them is Dansfabriken.


Our hobbies after school are:
Floorball: Some of us play floorball every Thursday.
Recreation Center: It is a place where you can play video games, hang out with friends, play pool, ping-pong, and cards. It is a recreation center for us who have a mild disability. We are there every Tuesday between 5pm and 9pm.
Träningsakademin: The direct translation is The Training Academy, and it is a place where you can exercise and work out in different ways.

Other activities that we like are:
Bowling      Scouts       Dance                 Library       Shuffleboard
Horseback riding          Pool            Soccer                Hockey      Go swimming

Here are some pictures from different school activites.


Sweden is located in the north of Europe. Sweden’s population is estimated to be around 9million people. The capital of Sweden is named Stockholm, and 1 million people live there. Sweden is a monarchy. Our King is named Karl XVI Gustav and our Queen is named Silvia. Sweden is a democracy and it is currently ruled by the Social Democratic Party in a coalition government. Our Prime Minister is named Stefan Löfven.

Sweden is well known for its beautiful nature with mountains, forests, the sea and open landscapes.


Rönnegymnasiet – Rönnegymnasiet is our upper secondary school.

Webpage: https://gymnasieskola.engelholm.se/
Rönnegymnasiet have about 900 students and 100 teachers. There are 12 different programmes and 3 special education programmes.

Our programmes are

SN = Programme for Community, Nature and Language.
AH = Programme for administration, trade and merchandise handling
HO = Programme for Health, Nursing and Care